Feminist Justice

One of the many toxic side-effects of the gender-balance brigade in employment circles is that you get disgusting feminist trolls like Alison Saunders shoehorned into the role of Director of Public Prosecutions (incidentally a perfect example of what a feminist looks like). To make matters worse, one of her first policies was to further skew the consent laws in favour of our precious little snowflakes […]

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A few days ago a buddy of mine shared with me another Facebook post that would challenge the river Ganges on wetness. One can imagine our tragic beta hero typing away late night against the eerie, lonely blue glow of his iPhone after fetching headache pills for his now burgeoning girlfriend. As I read the […]

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the Rock

I work in a small team of which the majority are young women. This gives me a good insight into the world of the yenta. One of the gaggle recently fluttered into the office and began to explain the reasons for her distress in a typically high pitched squawk. The cause was her boyfriend and his crime was proposing to […]

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boobs to weight

A few years after I broke up with one of my longer term exes she called for a ‘catch up’. I didn’t ask if her then fiancé knew of the call or our subsequent drinks meet (during which she injuncted me from checking us in on Facebook) but I suspect not. Interestingly, qualifying herself to me didn’t stop when our […]

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the shit test

There’s an entire micro-economy based on the pursuit of betterment with women. Here at Project London we’ll share the knowledge and experiences gained on that journey (with a few sultry stories mixed in) to help expand your ‘game’. And if you’re finding yourself cutting a wide swathe in a similar metropolis of independent-minded, feminist poon, you’ll know what possessing a […]

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