How to Win at Guardian Soulmates


[guest post by Eric]

There are plenty of pick up sites promising you the right combination of moves to get laid. But the tree-hugging, feminist, social workers of Guardian’s Blind Date column – where two muesli-eating lefty readers get fixed up and go on a blind date over dinner – show a great example of how men ought not to behave on a first date.

Of the 35 heterosexual dates over the past 12 months, fewer than 28% of female blind daters said they would want to see their date again. And of those 28%, the vast majority were females past their peak sexual market values, and therefore harbouring fewer realistic options, i.e. more of a desperation yes than a ‘fuck my brains’ out one.

However, this week’s male dater, Max, was a stark contrast to the regular beta chump liberal who masochistically applies for the Blind Date. Our red pill hero went on a date with Tamara…

Grauniad readers: put the tissues aside and take note; Max played it to a tee and we break down his approach and the game techniques he used as follows.

  1. Future Time Projection (FTP) and assume the sale – when asked what they talked about on their date, Max explained that he spoke about where their lives had taken them and “where we’d travel next. His comment is vague but we can infer that Max used, inadvertently or not, a technique known as “future time projection”. Discussing where in future they’d be traveling allows his date to project and visualise them in some place down the road. One of the greatest tools in the seduction artist’s toolbox is to stimulate her powerful and childlike romantic imagination. As he did this, while also being cocky and ‘assuming the sale’ – “where we’d travel” not “where we might travel” – he could no doubt start to hear the squelching between Tamara’s legs.
  2. Frame control (1) – Max maintained his frame throughout the date it seemed. There was a glass breakage and he continued on throughout, not letting it phase him. A tiny glass breakage doesn’t bother an alpha who lives in his own world and his own reality. He brushes aside anything that might otherwise distract lesser men. He’s the king, he’s on centre stage and no external act (unless beneficial for him to react or take advantage of will break his flow). Frame control is hotly debated as being the one main core game principles from which all other principles flow. If you can master your frame, half the battle is won.
  3. Frame control (2) – From the article we get a sense that Tamara wanted to go somewhere else after the date with him (she says: “He had to get up early the next day for a boxing workout”) but Max maintained his frame and said no, he wasn’t going to go anywhere else, placing his own interest before hers. Again, she will not distract him from his mission – she will enter his frame or she won’t join this man with all his apparent control and stability over his life on his journey; which in the end is exactly where women want to be.
  4. Demonstration of Higher Value (DHV) – In this last tranche of frame control, Max slips in some demonstration of higher value with his interest in a masculine sport/fitness of boxing. A weak, beta chump isn’t going to get hit in the face for fun. DHVs are crucial during the initial attraction phases of dating, where women are still evaluating the male as a potential sexual and/or long-term partner. Men must show them high status indicators, but they cannot be overt. These are most often successfully shown through stories, but my favourite are spontaneous (“oh you didn’t know I spoke French?”). At these nascent stages, women question the man’s value. Later on, if he establishes high value and maintains his frame, she will question her own.

From the post Blind Date impressions, Max had her “hoping” they’d meet again. However, they didn’t exchange numbers – a telling action of a guy not  interested. However, what’s clear is that he could quite comfortably push any of her buttons should he have so cared.

Gents, take note. If on a date and in doubt think what Max would do, then do that. Or alternatively think what Steve would do; then do the opposite. 


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